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A Turning Point is a significant event in a territory's history. It can be either won or lost in the battle between the Travelers and Saint Dane.



The discovery of tak. The Milago are able to utilize it to fight the Bedoowan because they took the batteries from Bobby Pendragon's flashlight. It was a victory for the travelers since Bobby Pendragon destroyed the tak mine.


The transpiration of the underwater city Faar. Bobby Pendragon managed to prevent Saint Dane from destroying Faar which would have led to the death of the world's population from the poisoned crops.The Faarians sent the cure out to help their surface kin.

First Earth

The crash of the Hindenburg in New Jersey which was revealed to be caused by Winn Farrow. Bobby almost lost this one since Vo Spader wanted to stop Winn Farrow from blowing up the airship. However, if Spader did so, Nazi Germany would received nuclear secrets that would allow them to defeat the United States.


The invention of the reality bug by Aja Killian. It went out of control. Lifelight was shut down. However, Kree Sever (in actuality, Saint Dane) ordered it to be restarted again. It resulted in a victory for Saint Dane.


The first radio broadcast on the territory. The gars in black water sent a radio broadcast to gather all the gars in slavery to the klees to Black Water. Saint Dane, in disguise as Timber, provide with the same poison which affected Cloral in order to kill the gars. This was a traveler victory, since Bobby brought over the antidote from Cloral and had the people of Black Water release it into the air.


The murder of Pelle a Zinj. Pelle a Zinj wanted peace with the Batu and Bobby set him up for Saint Dane to kill him.


Mr. Pop. The Revivers protected it to preserve Quillan's past. The travelers lost when it was destroyed by the Dados.


The sending of the Pilgrims out to repopulate the world. It was a traveler victory despite the deaths of the pilgrims at the hands of the Flighters.

Second Earth

The Bronx Massacre

Third Earth

The Ravinia Conclave

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