The Rivers of Zadaa

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The Rivers of Zadaa
Main Territory Zadaa
Other Territories Second Earth, Quillan
Special Places -
Published July (?) 2005
Pages 405
ISBN 1-4169-0710-6
Preceded By Black Water
Followed By The Quillan Games


The Rivers of Zadaa is the sixth book in The Pendragon Adventure. In this book, Saint Dane makes the technalogically advanced Rokador tribe hold back the water supplies of the Batu city Xhaxhu. When Pendragon arrives in Zadaa Loor is involved in a fierce battle against three other Ghee warriors and a Zhou beast. The team opposing Loor won. Then Loor takes Pendragon to the desert where they meet some of Loor's Rokador friends. On their way back to Xhaxhu Saint Dane disguised as a Ghee warrior beat Pendragon to a pulp. Sick of not being able to fight, Pendragon asks Loor to train him. She enlists the help of the traveler from Denduron, Alder. Loor, Alder and Loor's acolyte, Saangi train Pendragon in the abandoned training camp, Mooraj. Pendragon, Alder, Saangi and Loor find the city Kidik which is surrounded by the one thing the Batu need, water. This territory was a traveller victory after Pendragon Loor Alder and Saangi managed to burst the dam that kept the water back from Xhaxhu. The two tribes started to mix. With rehabilitation well under way, Loor escorts Alder and Pendragon to the flume.After Alder departs Saint Dane appears and Pendragon kills him. Saint Dane comes back to life and kills Loor but Pendragon brings her back from the dead through sheer will power.

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United Kingdom cover

The Rivers of Zadaa
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