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The Revival was a movement on Quillan to end Blok's oppressive communist regime. It was crucial to Quillan's turning point.



The members of The Revival, known as Revivers, attempted to destroy Blok using a combination of mob psychology and guerella warfare. All operations were carried out in complete secrecy so as to keep Blok completely naïve. In order to have a wide range of control, the Revivers discovered underground tunnels, all of which held former places of business. Using the raw materials found in former shops, they were able to create DADO wands, which were shafts that could neutralize a DADO's power source.

Day-to-day activities of Blok and the DADOs were often subtly interrupted by Revivers, such as crashing a motorized scooter into a DADO to obstruct a pursuit. Actions such as these were intended to inspire hope. The most grandiose of their plans were the Grand X. Bobby Pendragon was supposed to enter the Grand X and display himself as an antiestablishment Challenger. Challenger Green was supposed to ally himself with Blok in order to display Blok as a political machine, which it really is.


Bobby and Nevva were both members of The Revival. They joined in order to help Quillan pass its turning point safely. Bobby, being a Challenger, had insight into the happenings of Veego and LaBerge. Nevva, being an advisor to the Trustees, had insight into the executive activities.

Most members of The Revival remained anonymous. However, Bobby did learn some of their names. One Reviver who apparently saved Bobby's life twice identified himself as a man named Sander.


The Revivers considered themselves to have two leaders. Tylee Magna was their physical leader, who was cheif strategean. Their spiritual leader was Mr. Pop, a museum of artifacts from Quillan's history.


After Mr. Pop was killed and Tylee Magna was captured, The Revival failed miserably. Though a small group of Revivers continued to fight, their efforts were futile. Blok wound up winning, securing another victory for Saint Dane.

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