The Quillan Games

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For other uses, see Quillan Games.

The Quillan Games
Main Territory Quillan
Other Territories Second Earth
Special Places -
Published May 2006
Pages 486
ISBN 1-4169-1423-4
Preceded By The Rivers of Zadaa
Followed By The Pilgrims of Rayne

The Quillan Games is the seventh book in The Pendragon Adventure. Bobby is sent an invitation to travel to Quillan. When Bobby gets to Quillan, he finds that people must struggle to survive by betting on the games. Bobby is then captured and brought the castle of Veego and LaBerge. He is forced to play the games. Like Hook, Tock, Wippen, Spinney-do, Clown Forest, Tato etc. After his first game, Hook, he meets Nevva Winter, the Traveler from Quillan. At the castle, he meets Fourteen, a service dado. He also meets Challenger Green, actually Saint Dane in disguise. He is brought to a meeting. In the meeting, he finds that there are 10 trustees in all who control Blok. One of them is Mr. Kayto, also Saint Dane. Bobby then gets captured by the revivers. Nevva is also part of this group. They then bring him to see Mr. Pop with Nevva. There, he finds out that Mr. Pop is a library, not a person. He meets an old woman, this woman is actually Elli Winter. Nevva then secretly used a loop to track Mr. Pop. After coming back, Bobby agrees to compete in the Grand X. Bobby ultimately triumphs Challenger Green. Nevva brings him somewhere where Saint Dane came in. Saint Dane shows Bobby the destruction of Mr. Pop. Nevva also confesses that she joined Saint Dane. After that, a reviver meets him and brings him to see Elli. She says that now she is ready to be the Traveler from Quillan. Bobby's second lost territory to Saint Dane.


  • This is the only book in the series without Loor, Alder, Spader, or Gunny appearing at least once.

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United Kingdom cover
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