The Lost City of Faar

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The Lost City of Faar
Main Territory Cloral
Other Territories Second Earth
Special Places -
Published January 1, 2003
Pages 385
ISBN 0-7434-3732-2
Preceded By The Merchant of Death
Followed By The Never War

The Lost City of Faar is the second book in the Pendragon series by D. J. MacHale. People live on immense, floating cities called habitats and grow food on the sea floor and in their habitats. Different habitats do different things such as producing food, making products, etc. It's an idyllic world until Saint Dane unleashes a poison that makes the crops grow large but fatal. To save the territory, Bobby battles pirates on the surface and killer sharks below, all in hopes of finding salvation on a legendary underwater city called Faar.

Plot Intro

Loor flumes to her home in Zadaa while Press and Bobby flume to Cloral. Most of the book takes place on the territory known as Cloral, a planet that is entirely covered by water. The inhabitants of Cloral live on giant floating barges, called habitats. The main habitat in the book is called Grallion. Grallion is responsible for growing food for Cloral. A territory called Zadaa is also visited. Pendragon goes searching for a mythical city called Faar.


After leaving Denduron, Bobby found out that his entire history and proof of existence had simply vanished, including his house. He decided to go to Cloral in order to stop Saint Dane, a demon traveler who wants the territories to go the wrong way, and rebuild them in his image. After Bobby, his uncle Press, and Loor arrive at the flume, Loor heads back to Zadaa. Bobby and uncle Press head to Cloral.

When they arrive, they find the clothes used by the people of Cloral, which were brought by acolytes, people on the territories who helped the travelers. They swim out of the cavern they arrived in, and they are attacked by sharks. Bobby is saved by Vo Spader, the traveler from Cloral. However, Spader does not know it yet. They board a jet-ski like vehicle called a skimmer, and head to Grallion, a giant barge called a habitat that serves as a city. Grallion is responsible for growing food on Cloral. When they arrive, Press tells Bobby that he has to tell Spader he is the traveler soon.

The three of them stay there for a few weeks. One day, another habitat called Magorran, which is responsible for manufacturing, suddenly crashes into Grallion. Bobby, Press, and Spader board Magorran, and finds that everybody on Magorran is dead due to eating poisoned crops. Spader's father was also killed. Just as they were trying to figure out what happened on Magorran, Grallion was attacked by raiders (the Cloran equivalent of pirates) who bombarded Grallion with water cannons.

The raiders threatened to destroy Grallion with the cannons if Grallion does not pay a fee of ten bags of food. The leader of the raiders said that apparently, their food and almost all other habitat's food were poisoned too. Bobby recognizes the leader, Zy Roder, as Saint Dane in disquise. Spader comes up with a solution to save Grallion- diving over to the raider's ship, they disabled the engines which provided water for the cannons. However they were caught by the raiders.

After the raiders chased them, Bobby decided to lead Spader to the flume. (Uncle Press was left on board.) Bobby then reaches the flume with Spader and activates it, taking both of them to Zadaa. The raiders were left behind. On Zadaa, after an encounter with a Rokador, they made it to the surface, and went to a Batu tournament to find Loor. Soon after, Bobby and Loor explained to Spader about how Saint Dane wanted to destroy all the territories in Halla. Sadly, Spader was only concerned in avenging his father by killing Saint Dane, whom they suspect poisoned the crops.

Bobby and Spader flume back to Cloral,where they find themselves heroes as Grallion defeated the raiders when their cannons were useless. Saint Dane (Zy Roder) escaped on a speedboat, though. Bobby advises Spader to find his mother.

Characters in "The Lost City of Faar"

  • Bobby Pendragon - Bobby is a boy from New York. He was the best basketball player in his school, but right before the state semi-finals, while talking to his crush, Courtney Chetwynde in came Uncle Press and took him to Denduron tearing Bobby's life apart. His best friend is Mark Dimond. After a while his journey led him through many dangerous missions.
  • Saint Dane/Zy Roder/Po Nassi - Saint Dane is an evil Traveler that wants to destroy Halla, so he can remake it how he wants it and rule as the leader of Halla. All he needs is one territory, he says, and the other Territories will be like dominoes, falling after the first. He usually changes his name and appearance in order to pass unnoticed by the Travelers. In this book, he goes by the name Zy Roder, a pirate, and tries to attack Grallion. Also another disguise is Po nassi, an agronomer who pushed Ty Manoo to create the fertilizer that turns crops poisonous and also makes them grow faster. His plan in this book is to find and destroy Faar so they can't send out haulers that turn the crops unpoisonous.
  • Press Tilton - Press Tilton (or Uncle Press) is Robert "Bobby" Pendragon's uncle. In "The Merchant of Death", he told Bobby he was a Traveler and started him on his adventure.
  • Vo Spader - Spader is the Traveler from Cloral. He is an enthusiastic teen and is also the Aquaneer of the Grallion. His father died because of a fertilizer that poisoned the food in some of Cloral. Saint Dane turned out to be behind the fertilizer and now Spader needs to learn to control his anger in order to defeat Saint Dane.
  • Wu Yenza - Spader's boss, a good-looking middle-aged woman who later becomes Spader's acolyte, Chief Aquaneer of Grallion.
  • Ty Manoo - The creator of the fertilizer that turns crops poisonous. The fertilizer was supposed to speed up crop growth but made them turn deadly.
  • Loor - Robert "Bobby's" traveler partner who is in Zadaa military and is a fierce fighter. They met in The Merchant of Death, and continue working together in The Lost City of Faar.

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