Raven Rise

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Raven Rise
Main Territory Second Earth
Other Territories Ibara, Denduron, Third Earth, Quillan, First Earth
Special Places -
Published May 20, 2008
Pages 560
ISBN 1-4169-1418-8
Preceded By The Pilgrims of Rayne
Followed By The Soldiers of Halla

Raven Rise is the ninth book in The Pendragon Adventure. It was released on May 20, 2008.



The story begins on Quillan where Alder, the Traveler from Denduron, attempts to return to Ibara where he last left Bobby, and fails. Not knowing that Bobby has sealed the flume to Ibara, he wonders what happened, and decides to return to Denduron. He arrives in horror, seeing that the Bedoowan and the Milago have teamed up, and are warring with the Lowsee tribe with the tak unearthed earlier.

Then, the attention shifts to Third Earth where Patrick Mac wakes up scared of the horrid smell of pollution coming to his room. He looks out the window to see the Statue of Liberty on its side, and gets worried. He no longer lives underground.

Meanwhile, on First Earth, Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde try to convince KEM Limited to give up Forge, but fail. Nevva Winter appears when Mark is on a walk, and convinces him to give up his ring. Dodger reserves rooms in a hotel. When he is asleep, Mark steals his ring and tries to contact Bobby on Ibara, but fails. He then tells Courtney about his ring being gone, and they start worrying about what Nevva really was doing with it. Nevva gives his ring to young Alexander Naymeer, who is dying in a hospital. It saves his life.

Alder, on Denduron, meets with old friends. He asks them about the war. He tries to destroy the tak mine, and is imprisoned.

Patrick, on Third Earth, goes to the library he used to work in. Instead, and man named Richard is the librarian. He asks about what happened to make Earth like this. Riachard gives him a mysterious book. Patrick then tries to contact Bobby, but can't. He then tries to contact Gunny, but doesn't know that he is on Eelong. He then travels to First Earth.

Preview Synopses

Two preview synopses were released before the book.

First Synopsis

From thependragonadventure.com

Bobby Pendragon has quit.
After battling Saint Dane on eight territories, Bobby found a way to end the war and prevent the demon from continuing his evil quest to control Halla. With a single, massive explosion of tak, he destroyed the entrance to the flume on Ibara. The gate was buried under tons of volcanic rock, sealing off Saint Dane’s means of escape. And his. Bobby and his enemy were trapped. Together. Forever.
He traded any chance of returning to his old life in order to end the war and begin a new life on the tropical paradise of Ibara. That was okay by him. He was ready to make the beautiful island his new home. He wanted to rebuild the village of Rayne. He wanted to make new friends. Most of all, he wanted nothing more to do with protecting the territories of Halla from Saint Dane. By burying the flume, Bobby felt certain he had ended the war he had grown so tired of fighting. He was sure that after so many battles and so much sacrifice, Halla was finally safe.
He was wrong.
The Convergence that Saint Dane had been planning for Halla was already underway. The territories were changing. Alder realized it on Denduron. Patrick Mac learned it on Third Earth. Things weren’t the same.
The war was far from over.
The next target was set.
Only Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde knew the stakes. They found themselves faced with an impossible task. It would be up to them to try and stop the inevitable wave of evil that Saint Dane had already set in motion.
And they would have to do it without Bobby Pendragon.

Second Synopsis

From Amazon.com

This is where it begins. The showdown for Halla. At stake is nothing less than all that ever was and all that will be. There's only one thing missing--Bobby Pendragon.
While Bobby remains trapped on Ibara, the battle moves to his home territory: Second Earth. Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde are left on their own to defend Second Earth against the forces of Saint Dane. They must face off against a charismatic cult leader who has risen to power by revealing a shattering truth to the people of Earth: They are not alone.
The Convergence has broken down the walls. The territories are on a collision course. The final phase of Saint Dane's quest to rule Halla is under way.
And Bobby Pendragon is nowhere to be found.


Author D.J. Machale released the cover on December 17, 2007. The cover also features a new cover artist.[1]

The man in the background is Alexander Naymeer. The building in the background is the Ravinia Conclave in New York City

Dawn Austin

Main article: Dawn Austin

The new artist, Dawn Austin, has been hired to create the cover for Raven Rise. Her past work has included several portraits, both surreal and realistic, created for Atrist Partners, Ltd.[2] This caused for some controversy among the Pendragon fandom, as Austin's art style is noticeably different from that of former cover artist Victor Lee.

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