Nevva Winter

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Nevva Winter
Territory Quillan
Generation Penultimate
Age late teen/early twenties
Acolyte(s) none
Nickname None
Occupation Blok Assistant, Reviver, Traveler
Previous Traveler  ???
First Appearance The Quillan Games
Last Appearance The Soldiers of Halla

Nevva Winter is the fallen traveler from Quillan. She is part of the Penultimate Generation. Since Nevva is one of the Penultimate Generation, it makes sence that she dies in The Soldiers of Halla because there cannot be two Travelers from one territory.


She is described as being young, maybe a little older than Bobby. She wears a deep blue, with long pants sleeves and a jacket of the same color that came to her waist. She has straight brown hair that was combed and parted on the side, and fell just below her ears. She is described by Bobby to be pretty with big brown eyes.


She is on Saint Dane's side, and because of that, has many of his powers. She can transform, and it is possible that she can't die. Some of her disguises include Telleo, Haig Gastigian, and her Raven Form.She is supposedly a traitor to the travelers.

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Nevva Winter's Disguises
Raven form
Haig Gastigian
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