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"Mr. Pop" was a museum of artifacts and manuscripts from Quillan's history. He was intended to be the "spiritual leader" of The Revival until he was destroyed by the DADOs.



Mr. Pop was given the highest protection offered by The Revivers. Since he was considered to be the "leader" of the revival, protecting him was the highest priority. Tylee Magna mentioned, "some Revivers threatened to turn him in to Blok. They were executed immediately." While on their way to visit Mr. Pop, Bobby and Nevva were blindfolded. They were given no hints whatsoever as to his nature, identity, or real name--at least, not until they were about 10 feet away from him. At that point, Tylee Magna mentioned "[Mr. Pop is] as old as Quillan."

All caretakers for Mr. Pop, called Guardians, were bound to their job, hardly ever leaving. Upon leaving her post to visit Bobby, Elli Winter seemed to be in quite a hurry, implying that she was given very little time to leave her post.

Mr. Pop was located outside Rune, in an abandoned forest that was once home to a segment of a train route. Nevva mentioned that Blok shut down all rail transport and herded the population into cities, so it was the safest place.


Mr. Pop comprised nearly every one of Quillan's cultural artifacts not destroyed by Blok. Bobby mentioned "[The first thing I saw was] artwork. All styles--realistic, impressionistic, abstract, modern." Other sections of Mr. Pop included technology, famous people, fashion, and literature. Bobby also mentioned "I saw portraits of master criminals alongside portraits of benevolent world leaders; everyone was given the same respect." One of the artworks he sees that has the most impact on him is a "marble sculpture [that] reached as high as the ceiling. It was a massive, muscular hand, holding a wispy feather. As big as it was, it looked incredibly delicate."

Elli Winter lead Bobby to a section on famous children to help inspire him. There were kids that did many great things: "One survived for an impossibly long time in the wilderness, another helped his single mother take care of his large family. One girl trained puppies to lead the blind." This was his main inspiration to return to the Grand X.


Mr. Pop was destroyed after Nevva Winter left a Challenger loop in him, which allowed DADOs to track his location and destroy him. Many revivers were killed. Saint Dane used cameras to capture the footage and later showed it to Bobby.

Bobby described the destruction thus, making note of the sculpture he had seen earlier: "I saw heavy beams falling from overhead and walls collapsing. A long beam hit the giant hand, shearing off the feather and toppling the sculpture." After he was destroyed, it was revealed that Mr. Pop's destruction was Quillan's turning point.


The Revivers considered Mr. Pop their spiritual leader and advisor, among other things. The way they referred to him, Bobby thought he might have been anything from a former king to a poet who wrote about freedom and justice, but not an inanimate object or collection of objects as proved to be the case.

Mr. Pop was the main component in Quillan's Turning Point, as his destruction was the reason the Revival failed. Once he was destroyed and Blok let the people know, they lost all hope. The DADOs crushed the rebellion with ease, as no one was willing to fight back anymore. Had Nevva refrained from placing a loop inside Mr. Pop, the Revival might have won.


The Revivers referred to Mr. Pop solely by the masculine pronoun "he". This may have been as a form of code (so the DADOs wouldn't realise that Mr. Pop was an inanimate object) or because they had become so dedicated to him that they personified him. It is also possible that the Quillish language lacks a neuter gender (like French or Spanish) and thus a translation as "he" rather than "it" is natural; however, this seems unlikely, as "it" appears in native Quillish dialogue several times in The Quillan Games.

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