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The following page lists an official HallaWiki guide on how to write a HallaWiki article. Just follow these five easy steps, and you'll be writing quality articles in no time at all!


Step One: List It

Once you have your article topic decided, come up with all information possible. Every single scrap of information ever mentioned in the books or by DJ himself, it's all necessary.

Let's imagine, for a moment, that you're writing an article about Courtney Chetwnde. What's her story? Who is she affiliated with? What does she enjoy? How has she influenced her territory's Turning Point? Yes, it's all necessary. Write down everything.

Step Two: Categorize It

So, you've got your information all together. Now you need to organize it- or, as us at HallaWiki like to say, categorize it.

Begin by coming up with 3-12 different topics. Take all the facts about your topic (Courtney, for example) and assign them different areas. It's best too look at some Wikipedia articles for ideas on categories, but here are some good ones:

  • Life
  • Accomplishments
  • Influence
  • Uses in XXX

Then, once you have all your infomation categorized, categorize it even further if one section appears bloated and unslightly. For example, say there's too much information in "Life". Break that category down into further categories.

  • Life
    Early Life
    Later Life

Make sure that all random information has a place, even if it needs it own category. However, never, ever, EVER make trivia sections. All trivia has its place, find that place and don't group random info together in a trivia section.

Step Three: Flow It

So you've got your bits on information, now here comes the hard part. You need to connect these bits of information in an orginizable manner. For example, don't just say "Courtney enjoys volleyball and went to summer school and took three classes." See, that information is under the same category, but it doesn't work together. Create two separate sentances for information that doesn't flow together. Only one topic per sentance actually works.

Step Four: Stretch It

Let's face it, filling a whole page with information about a character in a not-very-well-known book series isn't very easy. That's where this step comes in. You need to take the information and make it last longer. For example, don't say "Veelox is 70% land and has 47 continents." Yes, that works as one sentance, but it's just not long enough. That one sentance has all the information, yes, but it's not long enough to fill a section on geography. Therefore, make two sentances out of one piece of information.

  • Original sentance: Veelox is 76% land and has 47 continents.
  • Stretched sentance: Veelox consists of roughly 76% land mass. By comparison, Earth's surface is 29% land and 71% water, implying that Veelox is the geographical opposite of Earth. This implication is also present in the number of continents. The term continent is used sparingly on the Earths; they are generally identified by convention rather than strict crieteria[1]. If Veelox has little ocean mass, many islands would appear, and they would generally be regarded as continents. That is perhaps why Veelox has 47 continents and Earth has 7.

Step Five: Polish It

The part is undoubtedly the easiest step to creating an article, yet an alarming number of editors forget it. The article has been formatted and seems ready for posting, but there may be errors. Proofread your writing to see if you left any words out, make any typos, or left some critical sources uncited. Make sure to remove poor grammer; pages with bad enough grammer will be deleted.

In Conclusion

You may be thinking now "so, I'll just mainly work on Step Five" or "Hm, Step Three seems like its the most important". If so, you're wrong. Each and every step is just as important as the ones that precede and recede it. Never forget that when writing articles, and you'll be an excellent editor.

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