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This article is HallaWiki Policy. It should be used as a formal rule and can be referred to as such. Challenges to policy should be discussed on the article's talk page.

HallaWiki is, simply enough, an encyclopedia about the Pendragon series. There may be editors on here that will write, act, or say things that deviate from this simple and understandable rule. Therefore, it is necessary to create a list of what HallaWiki is not.


HallaWiki is not Wikipedia

HallaWiki is not Wikipedia, all articles must somehow relate to Pendragon. It is okay to create articles on the publishers of the series, the illistrator, or other people who helped the book into print. Articles about fansites or other fan-based organizations are allowed, as long as they are Pendragon-related.

For example, an article about systems of government would be okay, since this does relate to the Pendragon series. However, it would only be okay if Pendragon was referenced multiple times, such as comparing Eelong's government to the Mayan government.

If such an article is created - that is to say, an article only loosely related to Pendragon - citations are required. Since all information on the Pendragon series is contained within 11 books, there are no need for citations there, but if information does not come from the Pendragon series, it must be cited to a reliable source.

Don't worry, we aren't quite as strict as Wikipedia on citations. We'll allow you to get away with an uncited source here and there, but only if the information isn't totally crucial. Just make sure you get the facts straight, and you'll be fine.

HallaWiki is not a forum

HallaWiki is not our sister branch, HallaStar. One is a forum for speculation, the other is a wiki for factual information. What we do here is report factual statements that correspond directly from the book. Do not fill a page with speculation on whether Bobby will date Courtney or Loor, no one really cares what you think about that. At least, not here. For speculation, please post your thoughts on HallaStar

Yes, we're pretty much all fan of Pendragon here, but there's really no need to say so. What we're trying to do is give factual information from the Pendragon series, not fill a page with "LEIK ZoomG BOOOn iZ s0 t3H SXXcKsEENESS!!!!!!21111!!!". Try to surpress your fandom while writing pages- it's really not something anybody wants to read about.

HallaWiki is not censored

By "censored", we mean "spoiler warnings". Yes, you will hardly ever find the word "spoiler" in our entire database. Given that we are attempting to put in as much information as possible, all nine books (including The Guide) will have information used from them. For example, an article on Denduron will use all information on it from every book, even though information about it from The Pilgrims of Rayne constitutes major spoilers. There will be no spoiler warnings.

HallaWiki is not a Democracy, Dictatorship, or Anarchy

Simply put, disputes are not resolved by voting. If you and another user have a conflict over an article's content, resolve it with civil and serious discussion. It really doesn't matter if the debate is 20-1 on your side; if an administrator decides you're wrong, that's pretty much it.

As a parallel to this, HallaWiki is not a dictatorship. Questioning administrators is allowed, encouraged even. It's more of a viceroyship- if you have a very good reason to question an administrator's decision and can back up your statements, don't be shy, go for it! No one will ban you for having a polite and civil dispute with a high-power user, but if it turns uncivil, you will be banned. It's just that simple.

Also, as a third viewpoint, HallaWiki is not an arachy. Though our code of conduct doesn't exist yet and most rules are based on integrity, do what you think is right, not what'd be funny. Vandalism, terrible grammar, and spam are all ban-worthy offenses.

Occasions when voting is used

Voting is used to decide on upcoming Featured Articles and Quotes of the Month. However, if necessary, an administrator's word is final. Please see those pages for further information.

HallaWiki is not a Blog

User pages can include a short summary on yourself, but don't yammer on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about your life. Create a blog for that, user pages are about what you've edited on HallaWiki.

HallaWiki is not an associate of the Pendragon series

As much as we'd like to say we were, HallaWiki is in no way affiliated with D.J. MacHale, Simon and Schuster publishing, or the Pendragon series, in any way, shape or form. We are an entirely fan-based organization devoted to bringing you 100% factual, cleanly edited material on the Pendragon books.

HallaWiki is not a lot of other things

There's no way four admins could possibly list all the things that HallaWiki is not, so we'll leave it up you the readers and editors to figure everything else out for yourselves. We're not a pancake, we're not a soapbox- see? It'd take way too long. Therefore, it's up to all of you to find out for yourselves just what else HallaWiki is not. And keep it to yourselves. Thank you.

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