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Requests is a location where you can post any requests you may have. If you want a Reader Review, a proofread, contributions to a specific article, or information about any topic that's not already in the Wiki, or if you need help with policy or procedure or in promoting or demoting an article, or anything else, really, please post it here.

Also, please see the Current Projects if you'd like suggestions for articles to create or improve.

Note: Posting something here does not guarantee it will be completed. HallaWiki and its staff are not responsible for getting your requests completed, although I'm sure we'd be glad to help if possible.

HallaCast Transcripts

We are looking for transcribers for any and all episodes of HallaCast! If you'd like to transcribe, send a message to wiki.hallanet@gmail.com or contact User:VL for more information.

Deletion Needed

Would an admin mind deleting this article? It redirects to Category:Definitions, but it is also put in the category definitions, and so when you click on the link, it just redirects you to the same page. I think someone just wanted to make the Table of Contents in HallaDictionary easier to use, so they made it a category, but the redirect thing just doesn't really work that well. ~ Bella Swan 15:49, 30 June 2008 (IDT) The The Lost City of Faar redirect page should be removed. Also, a page called Suck land, containing the word "yo" has no place.

I adjusted it so the redirect page (the one you linked to) is no longer a member of the category, and now only redirects to it. Ruler (the initiator of the HallaDictionary program) wanted to create a table of contents, but it was so hard to maintain that we decided to just use the category as a surrogate. I hope this helped! AlohaSoy 22:52, 30 June 2008 (IDT)
Ahhh, that makes me feel so much better. Thanks! ~ Bella Swan 22:01, 3 July 2008 (IDT)
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You may have updated the pages, and created, The Soldiers of Halla, and The Travelers but failed to update the front page, the news section mentions Raven Rise but not The Soldiers of Halla. --Qwerty mac13 05:04, 27 March 2009 (IDT)

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