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This article is HallaWiki Policy. It should be used as a formal rule and can be referred to as such. Challenges to policy should be discussed on the article's talk page.

Let's face it: HallaWiki is unfinished. It will never be finished until we have all information ever conceived about Pendragon and every article is feature-class. Therefore, we've got a long way to go. Reader Review, or RR for short, is a new HallaWiki program that will help articles grow and advance.


What exactly is this "RR"?

As stated already, it's a HallaWiki program that will help articles grow and advance. If one user sees some problems with an article that they feel the need to suggest, they post a Reader Review on the article's talk page. The review is a short essay stating what problems the article has, how said problems can be fixed, what requires expansion/cutting, and generally how it can be improved.

When should I post a Reader Review?

If you feel the article needs improvement that is slightly beyond minor editing, post one! There are no qualifications for RRs, although we do suggest that you proofread the review before posting it. RRs should, above all, be helpful.

How do I keep track of which pages have been reviewed?

If you RR a page, please add the link to it on the following list.

What if I see a problem with someone's RR?

To correct mistakes (such a mentioned red link that has already been filled), do not remove it. Instead, strike it. Just put <s> at the front and </s> at the back. It will show up like this, so the text is still available, but the problem can be shown to be addressed.

How will all this help?

If members of HallaWiki know what to do to improve a page, it will all get done faster. Simple as that.

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