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The following are quotes that are currently have been used, are being used, or are canidates for the Quote of the Month. If you have any suggestions for future quotes, please post them on the talk page.



Voting for June's selection is now closed. In order to vote for a quote, please post that quote's number (and speaker for confirmation) as well as your username. The article with the most nominations by May 30th will become the Quote of the Month for May. If no quote has a plurality of nominations on May 30th, then users will be given a second vote on the 31st that can only be used on the top two quotes from the first round.

June 2008

Voting is now closed.

  • I vote for number 15. FralfTC 02:13, 27 May 2008 (IDT)
  • I vote for number 17, by Saint Dane. VL, HallaNet Webmaster~Talk~UBX Shop 04:02, 27 May 2008 (IDT)
  • I vote for number 15. AlohaSoy 03:54, 2 June 2008 (IDT)


The winner is quote #15, by Patrick Mac:

11. "The future isn't what it should be" - Patrick Mac


To find more quotes pertaning to The Pendragon Adventure visit HallaWiki's HallaQuote.

Suggested Quotes

  1. "The acolyte knows of many things."Seegen
  2. "Pendragon doesn't know what he's stepped into."Seegen
  3. "No one else but Pendragon will understand. I must tell him before-"Seegen
  4. "You must learn to hear, without trying to listen."Osa
  5. "Halla is in your hands. Remember that. Let it be your guide."Osa
  6. "The pain will not last."Osa
  7. "You seem to forget that you are but a child yourself."Osa
  8. "They don't wear boxers on Denduron."Press Tilton
  9. "Halla is everything. Every territory, every person, every living thing, every time there ever was."Press Tilton
  10. "This is the way it was meant to be."Press Tilton
  11. "I went to the four levers. None of them were marked. There was only one way to figure out which one was the right one. I had to call upon all my Traveler experience and special powers to figure it out. It's called...Eenie, meenie, miney...mo!" - Bobby Pendragon
  12. "No one says "Yo" unless they're impersonating Sylvester Stallone." - Bobby Pendragon
  13. "Dinosaur? What a weird name for a fruit!" - Boon
  14. "I hoped you used sunblock on that skeleton head of yours. You're gonna fry." - Bobby Pendragon
  15. "This is quite nice. I may have to attend a sporting event here. What exactly is a Knick?" - Saint Dane
  16. "I did what any brave traveler would do under the circumstances: I turned and ran like hell." - Bobby Pendragon
  17. "Defeat is most devastating at the moment of victory." - Saint Dane
  18. "Mum, is there any toast for brekkie? I'm famished!" - Alexander Naymeer
  19. "Would I have to swim if I went to Cloral?" - Boon
  20. "I beleive the correct word is 'wow'." - Alder
  21. "We're in the basement of a mansion that's been empty for decades. This isn't right." - Courtney Chetwynde
  22. "I was safe. Uncomortable as hell, but safe." - Bobby Pendragon
  23. "I'm fantastic! This sugary drink is incredible!" - Patrick Mac
  24. "If the future of all humanity was going to be decided on whether or not I wore boxers from Second Earth, there would be no hope of saving it." - Bobby Pendragon
  25. "I'm the terrorist. Do what I say, or I'll terrorize you!" - Bobby Pendragon
  26. "I lost control of the rod and beaned myself in the head. Dope." - Bobby Pendragon
  27. "Did that creep you out as much as it did me?" - Courtney Chetwynde
  28. "Things weren't the way they were ment to be. It was our job to make things right. We were the soldiers of Halla. It was time for us to take it back." - Bobby Pendragon
  29. "Reality. I have no idea what that word means anymore."-Bobby Pendragon
  30. "He's the future. He's the past. Very dramatic, don't you think?" - Saint Dane


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