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This article is HallaWiki Policy. It should be used as a formal rule and can be referred to as such. Challenges to policy should be discussed on the article's talk page.

HallaWiki can be described with five simple rules that show our character. All five are equally important. Please read over these before making any edits.


Pillar One

HallaWiki is about Pendragon. We will not accept articles that do not have some relation to the Pendragon series, author D.J. MacHale, or the site itself. Articles should be written in-universe style (with pages about the books and their publications as the exceptions). Therefore, there is no need to say "Bobby is a fictional character", because we already know that. Of course this is all fiction, but we should write like it isn't.

Pillar Two

HallaWiki is neutral. Do not post theories, assumptions, opinions, or anything that would imply bias towards Pendragon. Implications are okay- one can post "It is implied that Quillan has a high inflation," because there's evidence within the books to back this up and no evidence to the contrary. It is also okay to post a well known theory about a book or character that has not yet been released, as long as one states that it is nothing but a theory.

Pillar Three

See also What HallaWiki Is Not

HallaWiki is not Wikipedia. Therefore, never copy content from Wikipedia! One of the points of HallaWiki is to create high-quality articles about Pendragon. If one checks, all the Pendragon articles on Wikipedia are B-class or less. They are written in a biased manner and a writing style that is not appropriate for HallaWiki. There are very occasional instances when Wikipedia standards can be looked upon as one of several sources to consider in making administrative decisions; the most notable is that when no precedent is set for punishment, Wikipedia can be considered as a guide.[1]

Pillar Four

See also Hallawiki:Site support

HallaWiki is free and public. One does not have to pay to use HallaWiki, and we do not request donations (although we do recommend donating to The Hunger Project, as it is a much nobler cause.) Anyone may edit HallaWiki and does not have to become a member to edit. Do not upload pages directly from the books without written permission from Simon & Schuster Publishing; this is illegal in all countries. No content may violate the law of the State of Florida, where WikiSite's servers are located.

Pillar Five

HallaWiki rules are adaptable. HallaWiki is founded on integrity and ethics. There is a set of policies and procedures to prevent conflicts whenever possible. Existing rules may be changed and new rules may be created to help strengthen HallaWiki.


These pillars have been in effect before this page was created.

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