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Here at the Community Portal, you can check out ongoing projects and other fun stuff about HallaWiki!

Please make sure to check out Requests to see if there are any pressing issues you can help with.

HallaWiki Community
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Rank among Wikis

The following rankings are taken from S23 Wikistats and are up-to-date as of June 19th.

HallaWiki is the 1894th largest wiki on the internet by number of articles. It has the 1589th most edits, the 1567th most views, and the 1630th most images.

Current Projects

Project Redlink Elimination

The following red links have been targeted for creation:

Additionally, we are looking for anyone willing to transcribe HallaCast episodes. Please contact VL for more information.

Project Templates

June's featured template is on territories. Feel free to improve any territory-related pages.

Cloral | Denduron | First Earth | Second Earth | Third Earth | Eelong | Ibara | Quillan | Veelox | Zadaa

Project Stub Expansion

Territory Pages
Denduron The Merchant of Death (Graphic Novel), Milago
Earths Patrick Mac, Manhattan
Eelong Leeandra
Ibara Genj, Twig
Veelox The Reality Bug, Barbican
Zadaa Xhaxhu
Other Entry:Turning Point

Project Good Articles

The article The Reality Bug has been targeted for improvement. The goal is to bring it to B-class by June 31.


Featured Articles

Main article: HallaWiki:Featured article

June's featured article is Mr. Pop. Voting for July's featured article opens June 23rd.

Good Articles
Featured: Quillan, Denduron, Veelox | Gloid | Mr. Pop
A:Veelox | Fourteen
B: Black Water | First Earth | Faar | DADO, Fourteen, The Trustees
Featured Articles | Project Good Articles | Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month

Please go to Quote of the Month on or after June 23rd to help us choose July's quote.

HallaWiki Staff

These are people you can go to if you need help in any way.

HallaWiki Staff
Head Administrators: VL | Alohasoy
Other Admins: Fralf
Other Staff: Bella Swan
Staff Application | Staff Demotion

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