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HallaStar Forums
Location [1]
Founded November 22, 2006
Founders VL
Members 242 (currently), 352 (at peak)
Affiliates HallaNet (parent)

HallaStar Forums is a forum founded on November 22, 2006.



HallaStar was founded on November 22, 2006 by Veego_LaBerge. It grew quickly, reaching 60 registered users within a month.

Originally located at veegolaberge.eamped.com, and soon moving to vls-pen-forum.tk, it later moved to hallastar.tk but was still hosted by eAmped. It has since moved to a new server (see "Deletion and Recreation" below).


HallaStar has had two interactive New Years events. For New Years 2007, a "VL Is Dead" plot was held. Participants had to follow a series of clues in order to gain a prize. For New Years 2008, "Saint Dane" took over the forums and users had to follow a series of steps in order to eliminate him and restore VL and Fralf to control. Both events were, obviously, faked, as "Saint Dane" was actually a side account for VL.

In addition, on April 1, 2007, HallaStar had a makeover with a Dutch theme. On the same date in 2008, a fake user named "Dave" claimed to have taken over the site and was going to slowly shut it down. Both of these were revealed the following day to be April Fools' jokes.


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An early event on HallStar when the site was simply known as Veego_Laberge at eAmped. The forums welcomed a new member named -ScY. -ScY. turned out to be a perverted kid with no life, as he posted numerous inappropriate images around the forums. When VL deleted his account, -ScY. returned as -ScY.DoS, and continued his perversion, now adding topics such as Bobby Pendragon is Dead and Uncle Press is GAY. VL deleted him again, and his next username, before he came back as sUpPoRt. While the moderators fended off the new member, another one joined. oTiS, whose username should have put up a red light for its alternating capital letters, lied to VL, saying that he had experience being a moderator, and was given power. oTiS, who was actually another of -ScY.'s aliases, used his new power to delete everything he could get his hands on, before VL finally figured out how to ban his IP address. VL then founded the Restoration, a group of moderators and members devoted to cleaning up -ScY.'s mess.

Deletion and Recreation

On January 9, 2008, HallaStar Forums were deleted along with all other eAmped-hosted sites. Information and organization in response began the following day on HallaWiki, another branch of HallaNet. The forum's leader, VL, created a page at User:VL/HallaStar to distribute information about HallaStar's status. There, members could read a letter from VL and "check-in" that they were aware of the updates.

On the day of the old forum's deletion, a new forum was created at z15.invisionfree.com/hallastarforums. It was announced at User:VL/HallaStar on January 11, and members began moving to the new location. By the end of that day, six members had rejoined the forums. On January 29, less than three weeks after the forum's restart, it hit 1,000 posts.

The site is now hosted at hallastar.ca.gs using InvisionFree software.


A screenshot of the new HallaStar Forums on Invisionfree
A screenshot of the new HallaStar Forums on Invisionfree
A screenshot of the old HallaStar Forums on eAmped
A screenshot of the old HallaStar Forums on eAmped

In addition to standard forums like "Rules and Regulations", HallaStar also has the following forums:

  • Suggestion Box and Administrative Offices - For user feedback and some forum announcements.
  • A "Halla Awaits" section for Pendragon discussion, divided into:
    • The Flume for fandom discussion
    • First Earth about events of already-published books
    • Second Earth for general Pendragon discussion
    • Third Earth for predictions about upcoming books
  • There is a section for parts of HallaNet other than HallaStar:
    • HallaCast
    • HallaWiki, including project announcements. "The Wiki Way to Do It" wikicode lessons were run on the old eAmped forum; however, according to Alohasoy[2], they will be inactive indefinitely.
    • HallaStore, for discussion of the products on sale at HallaStore.
  • A "Creative Corner", composed of
    • Fan Fiction (Pendragon-related only)
    • Pendragon Essays
    • Lifelight - For roleplays, some Pendragon-related and some not.
  • There is also a large section called "Grolo's Bar" for discussion that's not directly Pendragon-related. It is split into
    • The Java Booth, for general discussion
    • Magazine Rack, about books other than the Pen series
    • The Jukebox, for discussion of media and technology. It is composed of Music, TV, Movies and Internet subsections.
  • Finally, there is a "hidden forum" only available to the moderators of the site, known as "The Mod Club".

Former Forums

Additionally, several forums present on the eAmped servers have not been transferred over to the new Invisionfree server, and some have been deleted since the move:

  • Writing Spotlight - This forum was inactive since April 2007, so there was no need to revive it on the new forum.
    • The Archives - A closed forum used to store old writings from when non-Pendragon fanfiction was allowed. Many of these writings are presumed lost since the move.
  • The Art Gallery was deactivated in March 2008 and replaced by an Essay section (see above).
  • The Write Way to Do It was a series of lessons on writing. The forum reopened on February 9, 2008, but closed on May 29th[3].
  • There were also small forums introducing the moderators and listing affiliates. The affiliates are now listed along a scrolling marquee at the bottom of the page; the status of the mod introductions is unknown.


HallaStar has many staff members (administrators and moderators) who help keep the site running. Below is a list of all positions and the staffers who maintain them.



Nevva was a moderator until she was Demodded January 28 2008 due to being unable to be active. It is assumed that she will be re-modded when she returns.

Literary Discussion Leader

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