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Location Various
Founded December 1, 2007 (First branch November 22, 2006)
Founders VL, Fralf, many HallaStar Forums users
Members 353 HallaStar, 22 HallaWiki
Affiliates HallaStar Forums, HallaCast, HallaWiki

HallaNet is a network of Pendragon fans, consisting of four branches and one sub-branch.



HallaNet's three branches are HallaStar, HallaCast, and HallaWiki. The administrator and webmaster of all three branches is VL; his co-administrators on the Forums are Fralf and Defying.Expectations, and his co-bureaucrat on the Wiki is Alohasoy.


  • HallaNet
  • HallaStore is not a branch of HallaNet, but an online store where HallaNet products can be purchased.[3]

Former Projects

HallaQuote, a subsidiary of HallaWiki, was a collection of quotes from the Pendragon series hosted at [4]. It was open from January to May 2008.


  • November 22, 2006- HallaStar forums created
  • September 14, 2007- HallaCast announced
  • September 19, 2007- HallaCast episode 0 created
  • November 22, 2007- HallaStar turns 1 and HallaNet officially announced
  • December 1, 2007- HallaWiki created
  • January 9, 2008- HallaStar forums deleted and moved to Invisionfree
  • January 25, 2008- HallaStore and HallaQuote created
  • February 10, 2008- HallaCast episode 1 created
  • February 12, 2008- HallaQuote closes temporarily
  • Late February 2008- HallaQuote reopens
  • Early May 2008- HallaQuote closes for the final time

Future Plans

VL has expressed interest in getting a domain for HallaNet to intertwine all branches. is reportedly taken, but .org, .net, .ca, and other domain names are currently available.

At one point, VL had stated that HallaQuote will not be incorporated into a full HallaNet branch, but will remain a subbranch of HallaWiki. However, a concensus was recently reached, stating that the site will be reevaluated and may be incorporated as a formal branch.[5] However, these plans were nixed after HallaQuote closed in May 2008.


The founder and webmaster of HallaNet is VL, though there are also a group of senior staff members who help in the running of the network. VL, Defying.Expectations, and Fralf are admins of HallaStar. Fralf is the co-host of HallaCast, along with VL. HallaWiki has three admins: VL, Alohasoy, and Fralf. HallaStore is run entirely by VL. The newest senior staff member, Quazuku, is the network's Senior Coder [6].

Other Staff

HallaStar Forums Staff

HallaWiki Staff

Coding Team

HallaCast Transcribers

HallaNet is still looking for transcribers. If you would like to become a transcriber, send HallaCast an email to find out how to apply.

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