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Gloid is a nutritional substance served on Veelox. There are twelve colors (flavors) of gloid. Three of these flavors were identified in The Reality Bug. In The Guide, it was confirmed that gloid has twelve flavors in total. No other Veeloxian foods were mentioned, however.



When eaten outside of Lifelight, gloid is served in a cup and eaten like ice cream. However, the main purpose of gloid is to provide jumpers with nutrition and nourishment and is absorbed through the skin while in Lifelight. Since it is the only known food still actively produced on Veelox, gloid is frequently consumed outside of Lifelight.

The three identified flavors of gloid are orange, green, and blue. Bobby describes gloid as "having the consistancy of bird doo".

Orange gloid

Bobby describes orange gloid as being "sort of bitter, like nuts." It was his second-favorite type of gloid, next to green.

Green gloid

Green gloid has been described as "pretty berries, sweet at first, but with a tart aftertaste." Bobby had previously mentioned a soda tasting similar to this, called Moxie. At one point, he compared Moxie to sniggers, claiming the two were opposites.

Blue gloid

Aja insists that "blue gloid is the best kind," though Bobby vehmently disagrees. He describes blue gloid as tasting like "a brussel sprout...gone south and...mixed in with kitty litter." When mixed with green and orange groin, blue gloid's flavor seemed to be "cancelled out".

Blue gloid seems to be the overall preference in Kanda. It was the flavor of choice for the goth vedder, Evangeline, and even the cowboys in Lifelight.

Other Colors

There are nine flavors of gloid not encountered by Bobby. Since gloid seems to be named after the principal colors, it seems logical[1] that the remaining flavors would be:

  • Red
  • Vermillion
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Viridian
  • Indigo
  • Violet (purple)
  • Pink
  • White

Of course, this is dependant upon which color wheel is being used. Alternate versions user red-orange instead of vermillion, purple and violet as separate colors, et cetera.

Bobby mixed the three flavors of his gloid together (green, blue, and orange), and found it more enjoyable. Aja also prefers this way of eating gloid. This course of action seems to be socially incorrect on Veelox; natives such as Evangeline were shown eating one flavor at a time. However, gloid is still served in multi-colored packages. Tri-color gloid is the only known bulk package. Evangeline mentioned that tri-color gloid is Aja's favorite.

Gloid Shops

Several shops in Rubic City sell gloid. They appear to be small businesses, implying that the nation of Kanda has a free enterprise system. A full list is as follows:

  • New Gloid
  • Taste Sensation Gloid
  • gloid Plus
  • Best gloid in Rubic

Role in the Series

Being one of the only sources of nourishment on the crumbled territory, gloid was one of the only reasons that mass deaths did not occur within Lifelight at first. However, when the system was turned on by Saint Dane, interest in Lifelight peaked. Many employees in gloid plants, as they are called, began jumping more often, causing many plants to shut down completely. This is a phenomenon known as "disrupted channel", as the channels of distribution for gloid had ended entirely.

Gloid in Ibara-era Veelox

Post-collapse, gloid production nearly completely ceased on Veelox. It is not consumed on Ibara. Bobby and Siry Remudi run through an abandoned glid shop in Rubic City when they are being chased by Flighters in The Pilgrims of Rayne. It appears the flighters still eat gloid, though not in a mass-produced form; they fed it to Loque after they captured him.

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