Elli Winter

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Elli Winter
Territory Quillan
Generation Final(debated since she took over for her daughter, and when she was first picked she didnt accept)
Age Unknown
Acolyte(s) none
Nickname None
Occupation Mr. Pop curator and cleaning lady, Traveler
Previous Traveler  ???
First Appearance The Quillan Games
Last Appearance The Soldiers of Halla

Elli Winter is Quillan's Last Generation Traveler. Though she is from an earlier generation, she did not begin her Traveler duties until the end of The Quillan Games, after her daughter and Penultimate Generation traveler, Nevva.



Elli Winter was an average Quillan citizen, with the sole exception that she worked in close proximity to the trustees. Around twenty years before the turning point of Quillan, she and her husband had a daughter. As the years passed, the child turned out to be very bright, so Elli and her spouse decided to send the child to school.

As the years passed, school became more and more expensive, so Elli and her husband had to work longer and longer hours to keep Nevva in school. Eventually, the costs became too great, and Elli's spouse had to bet on the games. Eventually, he lost, and was sent to Tarz. Elli was stricken with grief.

Traveler Activity

Elli was informed of her Traveler duties by Press after her husband died, though she would not accept them. Press told her of her destiny as a traveler, but in fear, she declined to take the position. Press could not force her, but he asked to keep her traveler ring; Nevva was subsequently assigned her task as a traveler. Elli decided to hide away afterwards with The Revival, and eventually became one of the guardians of Mr. Pop.

The Quillan Games

Elli is first seen in the warehouse that held Mr. Pop. During Bobby's visit, she says hello to him, and gives him a good luck gift. Elli is next seen after the destruction of Mr. Pop, where she tells Bobby that she is ready to become a Traveler.

Raven Rise

Elli appears with all the other Travelers in an unknown place.

The Soldiers of Halla

Elli plays a role by helping to care for the Batu in Mooraj. She thens follows Bobby to Third Earth. She with all the other Travelers with the exception of Bobby, Return to Solara. >This article is start-class. Completion would be highly appreciated.

The Quillan Games
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