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Territory Era Unknown. Time is not measured.
Area Five continents
Population 68,000,000
Major Municipalities Leeandra, Benzara, Saravara, Black Water
Government Viceroyship/Dictatorship
Traveler Kasha
Former Traveler Seegen
Acolyte(s) Boon, Yorn(Seegen's acolyte)
Status Traveler Victory
Book Black Water

Eelong is one of the ten territories of Halla. Bobby Pendragon visits Eelong in the fifth book, Black Water.



Eelong consists of two intelligent species, the Klee and the Gars. There are rougly 22 million Klee and 46 million gars populating the territory. The Klee are jungle cats that walk upright (though run on all fours), speak a comprehensible language, and have opposable thumbs. Their diets encompass several unintelligent animals, such as various birds and monkeys. A larger component consists of various fruits, one of which is called a pteridon.

The gars are human-like creatures that are preyed upon by the Tangs, which are scaly, red-eyed, velociraptor look-alikes. The gars were treated as pets (poorly treated) before the events of Black Water. After this, they were treated as respected members of society. Edict Fourty-Six was a law that prevented Klee from eating gars. If it was repealed, the tangs would have no choice but to prey on Klee, thus causing a collapse of the food chain.

There are various unintelligent species, such as the zenzen. The zenzen is a horse with extra joints along the leg for more flexibility. The Klee use zenzens for travel and recreation.


See main article: Geography of Eelong


The terriory consists of five continents - Ruum, Oron, Tantan, Sheeg, and Habutta, all of which are charted. Most of these continents are covered in vegitation, thus describing Eelong as a jungle territory. Eelong is very warm given its astral position, thus giving the territory a largely tropical climate.


Eelong has one moon and many suns. There are an uncounted number of suns, as all of them orbit each other in a belt known as the Skaa. The moon is uncharted and no space exploration has been attempted.

Urban Areas

All Klee establishments are within treetops so as not to be disturbed by the tangs. Leeandra is the capital of Ruum, and the home to the largest governing body, the Council of Klee. Two other capitals are Benzara (the capital of Sheeg) and Saravara (the capital of Oron). Black Water is the only known gar city, located within the vast Meeken Range.

Technology and Recreation


Eelong is a fairly advanced territory. 100% of all power is solar generated from the Skaa, making it a Type 2 or 3 Civilization[1]. Radio has already been invented. Given that The Guide to the Territories of Halla Vol. 1 lists the first radio broadcast but not the first flight, radio must be a fairly recent invention. There are also vehicle which are commonly recognized as helicopters. These helicopters are called gigs, and are power by a crystal that acts as a solar battery.Leeandra has control of a squadron of gigs used for military purposes.


The largest and most popular sport on Eelong is Wippen. Whippen is a game resembling polo, in which the klees ride on zenzens and the gars remain on foot. Gars are frequently trampled to death in games of Whippen, though there is no rule against this. There is a network of competitions for Whippen. The most recent Whippen World Championship was won by the North End Strikers of Leeandra. The second most popular sport is Kagel, which is an individual target sport. In Kagel, metal disks are shot at a target.

Territory Mixing

Mixed chemicals actually played a key component in Eelong's turning point. The poison from Cloral was transported into Eelong by Saint Dane. In the guise of Timber, Saint Dane planned to use this poison to commit genocide. The only way to fight this mixings with more mixing- Mark and Courtney had to transport the antidote to Eelong in order to counter Saint Dane's plan.

Eelong has also unwittingly exported things to other territories. The game of Wippen was brought to Quillan by Veego and LaBerge, as was the tang knife (a three-pronged knife made from the claws of a tang). The tang knife was brought to Zadaa too, though very breifly used by Saint Dane in a fight againt Bobby Pendragon.


Seegen was the Penultimate Generation traveler for Eelong. He was described as "gray-and-white spotted, like a snow leopard". His acolyte was Yorn, who was killed and impersonated by Saint Dane. Seegen made one known journey to Second Earth in order to warn Mark and Courtney, which only resulted in his death by poison.

The Last Generation traveler was Kasha, Seegen's daughter. She was described as "pitch black. . . and shiny." She did not accept her traveler duties until the end of the book, upon which she was killed by the collapsing flume. Her acolyte was Boon, who was a friend about her age.


Eelong's quigs are sadistic gars. Bobby originally mistook the tangs for quigs, but the giveway was the eyes. The tang eyes were red, and he knew the quig eyes to be yellow.

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Black Water
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