Dr. Zetlin

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Dr. Zetlin
Territory Veelox
Age unknown
Occupation Inventor
First Appearance The Reality Bug

Dr. Zetlin is the creator of the virtual reality machine on Veelox called Lifelight. He is installed in the program, and explores his fantasies as a much younger version of himself. He appears only in The Reality Bug. He also was given the idea for lifelight through Saint Dane,which is revealed in Soldiers of Halla.


Bobby and Loor searches for him in his own fantasy world. Helps Aja to purge the Reality Bug out of Lifelight by giving her the origin code. After helping Aja he shuts down Lifelight to save the people of Veelox. This article is a stub. You can help HallaWiki by expanding it.

The Reality Bug
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