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Territory Era 124, The Year of Rising Light
Area Fifteen Continents
Population 12,300,000
Major Municipalities Milago Village
Government Monarchy
Traveler Alder
Former Traveler Wencil
Acolyte(s) Milago widow (name unconfirmed)
Status Initial Traveler Victory, Now Contended
Book The Merchant of Death

Denduron is one of the ten territories of Halla. Bobby Pendragon visits Denduron in the first book, The Merchant of Death.




Denduron has a total of 15 continents, 12 of which are uncharted. The largest continent, Bedoo, is the area where The Merchant of Death takes place. The other two charted continents are Nodd and Galla. Most of these continents are along the equatorial areas of the planet, though there are two frozen continents to the far North and South. The highest peak, located on Nodd, is Orloo, standing at 29,112 feet. This is taller than Second Earth's Mount Everest.

There are a total of nine oceans, the largest of which surrounds the continent Bedoo. Its name is Titanbian.


The territory orbits three suns known as Noab, Lao, and Rigg. The territory still has a temperate climate, implying that the suns are further away than 93 million miles. Given the lack of publicized electricity, there is no light pollution, allowing for uninterrupted stargazing.


Denduron is made up of various groups of tribes. According the The Guide to the Territories of Halla Vol. 1, the principle tribes are the Bedoowan, Milago, Novan, Lowsee, Gallauao, Reuenian, and Toom. Most of these tribes operate via monarchy, such as the Bedoowan's ruler Queen Kagan. All of these tribes measure currency in gold coins called quills.

For most of Bobby's time on Denduron, the Milago tribe is a depotism, that is to say, a monarchy in which the citizens are slaves to the monarch. The Bedoowan controlled the Milago, using them to mine a mineral called glaze for Queen Kagan. She was under the influence of Saint Dane in the guise of Mallos, and believed it was neccesary.

While on Denduron, Saint Dane also assumed the likeness of Figgis, a miner/merchant entrepreneur who had uncovered a deadly new mineral. This mineral was known as Tak and was the key component in Denduron's Turning Point.


The Milago and the Bedoowan seem to speak the same language, as, despite low levels of contact, there seems to be little communication difficulty between them.

Words and Phrases

There have been eight phrases in the Denduron language heard by Bobby.

  • Soba board few! (a knight yelling at Press Tilton)
  • Buto! Buto aga forden ca dar! (a knight accusing Press of spying on Kagan)
  • Ogga ta vaan burr sa! (Figgis offering Bobby a sweater)
  • Mab abba kan forbay. (Figgis apologizing)
  • Ca! (No!)
  • Bagga! Bagga va por da pey! (a man pleading with Mallos)
  • Maga con dada per! (the man saying that he has a family)
  • Moy fol... (I have...)

Additionally, there are several local words which cannot be readily translated into English.

  • Crabble (a type of flower)
  • Tak (an explosive mineral)
  • Glaze (a gemstone mined in the Milago Village) may be native or may be an English translation.


Denduronian seems to have four primary vowels, /a e o u/. /i/ is notably absent. There is a double /a/ in vaan, probably indicating a lengthening or stress. There is also one attested vowel diphthong, /oa/, although this may be a lengthened /o/.

Most words alternate vowels and consonants, with the exceptions being board and crabble (and possibly glaze). There are also double consonants, possibly geminates; the attested ones are /bb gg rr/, so /dd/ can be assumed to also be present by analogy.

No words appear to have more than two syllables, and ambisyllabicity is present in only one word, board.

Second-Earth Comparison

Some interpretations seem to present cognates to Earth languages, although these may be false. For example, the phrase ogga ta vaan burr sa is Figgis' offering of a sweater to Bobby. This could be interpreted as a mixture of a generic Germanic language and French or a similar language: ta is cognate to tu "you" and sa is cognate to ca (pronounced sa) "this" in French; and vaan and burr could be cognate to "want" and "wear" in English. Ogga could be a question particle, similar to the French est-ce que. So the overall interpretation could be "Is it that you want wear this?"

The phrase maga con dada per is uttered by a man pleading with Mallos that he has a family. However, he later uses moy fol to say I have. Maga could be the "I" form of the verb "to be", with con an exact cognate of the Spanish for "with". Dada seems to be a cognate to the Zulu word "puzzle", or it could more likely mean "father". Per could mean "now", as the man could be stating his current situation; this may be derived from the Indo-European per, which means "before" or "current". So, the sentence could be literally translated as "I am (a) father now!"

Note that all such cognate studies are highly prone to false positives.

Significance to Halla

Saint Dane has said (and it has been repeated several times) that Denduron would be the first territory of Halla to fall. Although the initial turning point was a Traveler victory, the unearthing of tak in The Pilgrims of Rayne caused the territory to come back into play. This was reinforced by a sneak preview of Raven Rise on The Pendragon Adventure Official Website, which depicted a remilitarized Bedoowan and Milago. This became a Saint Dane victory in Raven Rise. [1]

Territory Mixing

Bobby, unwittingly enough, was the main component in Denduron's territory mixing. In order to pull off a mission for the Milago, he requested that Mark and Courtney send over various Second Earth objects like a laser pointer and some steak. However, the Milago discovered that some batteries could be used to detonate a heap of tak, and planned to use it on a sabotage of the Bedoowan castle. Their attempt was foiled when Bobby blew up the stash of tak underground.

All tak was buried then, but unearthed later. In The Pilgrims of Rayne, Bobby and Siry traveled to Denduron in order to get some tak to bring to Ibara. Using a dygo from Zadaa, the tak was rediscovered.


Denduron's quigs are demon bears. When dormant, they appear as yellow triangles, as though they are some sort of fungus. Oddly enough, they also have traits from the canine phylum, exibiting fear and pain at the sound of a whistle, whether wooden or metal. They also have large spikes on their backs.


Alder is the Last Generation traveler from Denduron. He was preceeded by Wencil, who was presumably in the Penultimate Generation. Not much is known about either of the two, other than Alder's career. Alder is a gladiatior who works for the Bedoowan but also aided the Milago, thus leading a triple life.

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