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Current HallaWiki Events!

Recent Events

December 1 - HallaWiki founded. First page created: Create a page; Tenth page created: Ibara (territory); 25th page created: Faar. User:Ruler of Third Earth, User:Alohasoy become sysops.

December 2 - User:Fralf becomes a sysop. First set of projects announced on the Community Portal. 50th page created: Last Generation

December 3 - User:Alohasoy becomes a beaurocrat.

December 11 - HallaWiki opened to the public. HallaWiki board created on HallaStar Forums.

December 13 - The Wiki Way to Do It wiki-usage lessons begun on HallaStar Forums.

December 19 - Current events page created. 10th editor joins.

December 20 - HallaWiki enters the top 100 free wikis.

December 23 - 75th page created: Acolyte

December 30 - HallaWiki enters the top 75 free wikis.

December 31 - 100th page created: Wippen. Project Quillan completed; First A-class article completed: Quillan.

January 1 - First Project Templates completed - Template:Travelers filled.

January 2 - First Redlink Elimination set completed. January projects unveiled.

January 6 - Second Project Templates completed - Template:Zadaa filled.

January 8 - 150th page created: Journal. Second Redlink Elimination set completed.

January 17 - 25th member joins.

January 18 - HallaWiki enters the top 50 free wikis.

January 26 - Quote of the Month is started. Voting opens the following day.

January 31 - The first Quote of the Month is selected; it is from Press Tilton.

February 3-4 - February projects unveiled.

February 4 - New Main Page unveiled.

February 22 - Voting for the first featured article begins.

February 23 - User:Bella Swan becomes a staff member; she is the first person to gain a title from the Staff Application process.

March 1 - Quillan becomes the first featured article.

March 16 - HallaDictionary opens.

March 29 - First Arbitration case opens.

March 31 - First Arbitration case successfully closes.

April 1 - Denduron becomes April's featured article; a Press Tilton quote is selected as Quote of the Month.

April 13 - The first ever Policy solidification discussion begins, regarding Spoiler tags.

April 29 - Ruler of Third Earth is the first user to be demoted at HallaWiki:Staff Demotion.

May 18 - The first Policy solidification discussion ever to close does so, and HallaWiki:Common sense is concluded to be an Essay and not official Policy.

May 23 - 200th page created: Triptyte.

June 7 - Requests page opens.

Current Events

See Current Projects.

Projected Future Events

Note: These are not deadlines, they are projections. Events listed here should be worked towards.

August 1 - Featured article program to occur once per week

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