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A Challenger is a citizen of Quillan that is forced to play the Quillan Games. They are color-coded for easy recognition.


Most Challengers are young and physically fit. They are often separated from their family and forced to play the games. Once captured, the Challengers are color-coded and referred to by their color. Their given name is not used so as to prevent people from recognizing them.

Challengers are often selected personally by The Trustees, as they are believed to be wiser than other citizens of Quillan. All chosen Challengers are brought to Veego and LaBerge and tested with the game "Hook". Hook is a game in which the Challenger is trapped in a room with a DADO and must get to the other side- with certain areas of the ceiling constantly closing in.

Standard of Living

Challengers have a higher standard of living than most other citizens of Quillan. They are given large-sized bedrooms, free food and exercise, and can host parties with other Challengers without approval. These parties are actually defense mechanisms; the Challengers attempt to make the most of their remaining time alive. Most of the games are non-lethal, but Fourteen mentions "Challengers die. They all die. The only question is how long it can be avoided."

Known Challengers

Given the sheer number of Challengers, there must be an equal number of colors. [1]

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The Quillan Games
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