Black Water

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Black Water
Main Territory Eelong
Other Territories Second Earth, Cloral, Zadaa
Special Places -
Published August 3, 2004
Pages 448
ISBN 0-689-86911-8
Preceded By The Reality Bug
Followed By The Rivers of Zadaa

Black Water can also refer to a city on the territory of Eelong. For the city, see Black Water (city).

Black Water is the fifth book in the The Pendragon Adventure. Published on August 3rd, 2004, it focuses on the territory of Eelong, specifically its multispecies society and the mysterious locale known as Black Water.


Plot Summary

Journal #16: Eelong

After the travelers' devastating loss on Veelox, Saint Dane went to the territory Eelong and Bobby knew he had to follow. This time, though, the flume was different: outside were ghostly, ethereal, semi-transparent images, some of which Bobby recognized from different territories.

When Bobby arrived on Eelong he was greeted by a surprise, a sentient bi-pedal cat, called a Klee, met Bobby at the flume. He introduced himself as Boon, the acolyte from Eelong.

Boon lead Bobby across skybridges that connected the tops of the trees on their way to Leeandra, Boon's home. Boon told Bobby how dangerous it was to walk on the jungle floor on Eelong. On their way to Leeandra Bobby and Boon saw a gar, which is the name given to humans on Eelong, on the jungle floor running away from a tang, a particularaly nasty animal native to Eelong, then suddenly a klee appeared to save the gar. Boon explained that her name was Kasha and she was the traveler from Eelong.

Once they reached the outskirts of Leeandra Boon told Bobby that gars were expected to wear restraints, and although he was reluctant, Bobby agreed to wear one. After seeing the horrible ways the gars were treated in Leeandra he was glad he decided to wear one to help blend in.

To help show Bobby the problem the people of Eelong were facing Boon took him to the Circle of Klee to listen to the arguments for the repeal of Edict Fourty-Six, which protects gars from being eaten by klees.

Outsde the building where the Cirle of Klee meets, Bobby saw two gars huddled together, one holding a small amber cube and hiding it from the klees.

Bobby and Boon listened to the debate over Edict Fourty-Six, and luckily Ranjin, the viceroy, was adamant about keeping it in place and would not be moved despite the arguments provided by Timber.

After the hearing Boon was pulled away by his friends and left Bobby alone for a few minutes. During this time the klee Timber came up to him and revealed he was Saint Dane. He said he was going to Second Earth. This infuriated Bobby so much he and Boon raced back to the flume on a horse-like animal called a zenzen.

When Bobby returned to Second Earth he could tell Saint Dane had already been there and he had left a gift, a bag containing Gunny's severed hand. Bobby returned through the flume after telling Mark and Courtney that, no matter what Saint Dane says, not to use the flumes. When he arrived back on Eelong he was greeted by Kasha who told him Seegen was missing.

Second Earth

Back on Second Earth Mark and Courtney recieved a note telling them to go to the flume. When they arrived Seegen entered through the flume. He told them that Saint Dane was going to use the poison from Cloral to destroy Eelong. Seegen suddenly died in mid-sentence.

After getting a sample of his fur to test, they activated the flume and sent Seegen back to Eelong. Then they left for Cloral to confirm the identity of the poison and get the antidote. When they arrived on Cloral they were met by Spader who took them to Grallion.

Journal #17: Eelong

Bobby tried to tell Kasha that she is the new traveler from Eelong but she refused to listen. Yorn, Seegen's acolyte, told Bobby that Kasha loved Seegen. He helped build Leeandra, fought tangs, and taught Kasha everything she knows. But once he started talking about her duties as a traveler she lost all respect for him.

That night Bobby slept at Kasha's house and was awakened the next day by Yorn. He told them Seegen and Gunny went on a trip a few days ago but didn't tell him where they were going. Seegen returned alone telling Yorn they were attacked by a tang and that's how Gunny lost his hand but that he was alright.

Soon afterwards, Durgen arrived with a large group of klees, telling Kasha they were being sent on another foragaing mission. Bobby was brought along to replace one of the gars lost the day before. Knowing the dangers gars faced while foraging, Boon and Kasha tried to convince Durgen not to bring Bobby but he wouldn't hear it.

On their way to the foraging grounds the caravan passed a field full of dead tangs. They assumed the tangs died from eating rotten fruit, but little did they know it was the poison brough to Eelong from Cloral.

While they were foraging for food the group was ambushed by tangs. A klee got its legs injured and coudn't move, so Bobby ran back to help, but it was a trap and Bobby was attacked by a second tang. Kasha chose to kill the tang threatening Bobby instead of the klee and saved his life.

Durgen was furious at Kasha for saving the life of a gar over a klee. Because of this he took Bobby and sold him to the "handlers". Durgen knocked him out, and when he woke up he found himself in a cell with a dozen other gars.

Bobby stayed in this prison for nearly a month until one day two klees entered and took Bobby and another gar away. They were led to a circle surrounded by klees. The klees forced them to fight to the death while they gambled on who would win. Bobby had the opprotunity to kill his opponent but couldn't bring himself to do it. A fight broke out and Kasha managed to rescue him in all of the confusion.

All of this time, Seegen was still missing. Boon and Yorn took turns watching the flume for his return. Boon returned from his post one day with grim news. Seegen's corpse had just appeared in the flume.

Kasha, Bobby, Yorn, and Boon went to the flume to retreive the body. Again Bobby tried to convince Kasha she was the traveler from Eelong and again she refused to accept it. But she did promise to help Bobby find whoever killed her father.

Kasha learned that there was a gar being interrogated by the "inquisitors" so she, Bobby, and Boon snuck in to observe. They saw a gar covered with cuts lying on a table, but he still refused to answer their questions. When they realized it wouldn't work, Timber came forward and tried to use his traveler persuation power, but before he could learn anything the gar died.

After that Bobby, Kasha, Boon, and Yorn went to Seegen's home to see if there was anything helpful there. They found a box holding a letter explaining to Kasha about Bobby and the other travelers. It also said that Seegen had been to Black Water, a gar legend, and that was where Gunny is now. The last thing in the box was a map that lead to Black Water.


Meanwhile Mark, Courtney, and Spader took the sample of Seegen's fur to Ty Manoo, one of the agronomers who helped develop the poison, to confirm if it was the same as the one used on Cloral. It was. Wu Yenza gave them three tanks of antidote to bring to Eelong. Once they arrived on Eelong they were met by Boon who told them Bobby, Kasha, and Yorn had left for Black Water.

Journal #18: Eelong

After following Seegen's map all day Bobby, Kasha, and Yorn arrived at a valley surrounded by mountains and seven waterfalls. At a certain time of day one of the waterfalls turned completly black, revealing the way to Black Water. But the valley was full of booby traps and all three of them were captured. A group of gars was sent to investigate them.

The leader of the group of gars was none other than Gunny, who promptly set them free and showed them the wonders of Black Water.

Gunny led the trio to the hut he had been staying at and they caght each other up on all that had happened. After that Gunny decided to show them around Black Water.

He took them to a large building in the middle of town, called The Center, and showed them a large greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse were plants grown on virloam, a substance that makes plants grow quickly without the need of soil or water. With this technology, the klees could grow enough food and not need to overturn Edict Fourty-Six.

The next room Gunny showed them was a massive dormitory. He said the gars of Black Water plan to bring all of the gars from Eelong here and help and teach them. This mass exodus of gars was called The Advent.

The last room Gunny showed them had four large crystals inside of it and a large control panel. The crystals were made of the same material as the amber cubes the gars were seen with. He said the cubes were called Link and they acted as radio recievers. With this technology the gars were able to coordinate their movements and all could leave at the same time.

After all of this was shown to them Yorn revealed himself to be Saint Dane and he escaped to warn the klees about the Advent and give them the location of Black Water.


Bobby returned to the flume and found Mark, Courtney, and Spader. At first he was furious but calmed down once they explained about the poison from Cloral. They told him that Saint Dane was going to use the poison from Cloral on Black Water once all of the gars arrived. Bobby and Kasha headed for the Cirle of Klee to try and talk Ranjin our of it while the others made their way to Black Water.

Before Bobby and Kasha got the chance to talk to him, however, Ranjin stepped down from his postion as Viceroy and gave it to Timber. They were discovered by Durgen and both were arrested.

While in prison Kasha told Bobby that they would most likely use a gig to deliver the poison, but before she had the chance to explain the links activated and the Advent began.

With help from the gars Bobby and Kasha managed to escape from their prison. Kasha led Bobby to a hanger and told him the fastest way to get to Black Water wass by flying a gig, which is similar to a helicopter on Second Earth.

While on their way to Black Water the group was ambushed by tangs who seperated Spader and Courtney from the rest. The tang tried to attack, but Spader sprayed the antidote at it which confused it and it fell off a cliff. Left with no other options, the two had to climb over a mountain, and they were down one of the canisters of antidote.

Bobby and Kasha stole a gig and chased down the one that had the poison. They managed to make the gig crash into a lake, disabling it. Their victory was shortlived when they saw nine more gigs all carrying the poison. With no other options they hurried to Black Water to see if they could help.

Gunny, Boon, and Mark were ambushed again inside the valley and Mark was seperated from the other two. He made his way to the waterfall that concealed the entrance to Black Water and asked to see Aron, the leader of Black Water. He warned Aron of the danger and told him he had the antidote but Aron refused to listen and threw him in jail with Boon.

Kasha and Bobby found Gunny caught in one of the traps. They released him and they were soon met by Courtney and Spader and together they headed to Black Water.

Once there they went to the Center which was where the irrigation controls were. The irrigation system is capable of covering all of Black Water in a fine mist at a moment's notice. The girl working at the station's name was Fayne. She hooked Courtney's tank up to the system to find out that was empty.

Meanwhile Mark and Boon escaped from their prison and eventually met up with Bobby and the others. They took Mark's tank to the Center and hooked it up and released the antidote in time to save Black Water from the poison. After this, Fayne revealed herself to be Saint Dane and taunted Bobby into following to Zadaa.

Gunny convinced Aron to help the klees with their food shortage by sharing the virloam technology. He agreed on one condition: equality between gars and klees.

Ranjin granted the audience with the gars of Black Water and told them Timber fled after the failed attack on Black Water. Ranjin was reinstated as Viceroy and began negotiations with Aron.

Courtney told Bobby she wanted to go with him to Zadaa but he convinced her to return to Second Earth. When Courtney and Mark activated the flume, it began to crumble ,but Mark and Courtney managed to escape.

Journal #19: Zadaa

Kasha was hit in the head with a falling rock. Bobby activated the flume and took her to Zadaa but she died in the gate there; she was later cremated by Loor. The flume on Eelong collapsed after Bobby and Kasha left, leaving Spader and Gunny stranded.

Impact on the Series

Eelong was the first battle after the fall of Veelox, the first territory lost by the travelers. As such, it is often considered a pivotal victory for the travelers. However, this victory was pyrrhic, as it came with a steep cost: Kasha was killed, Gunny and Spader were trapped, and Mark and Courtney were forced to mix the territories by bringing the antidote from Cloral to Eelong.

Eelong is thus far the only territory confirmed to be cut off from the rest of Halla. It is possible that Ibara was cut off at the end of The Pilgrims of Rayne when its flume was destroyed; however, this is not confirmed, as it seems Saint Dane can still get off that territory. In Raven Rise, it is revealed that the Flighters dug up another flume, thus saying that Ibara was not cut off.

It was confirmed in The Pilgrims of Rayne that Gunny and Spader are alive and well on Eelong, although they are still unreachable.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

Cultural references

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The term "Black water" refers to sewage water. However, it is also a 1992 novella by Joyce Carol Oates and a song by The Doobie Brothers. (Morse, Tim. Classic Rock Stories: The Stories Behind the Greatest Songs of All Time. St. Martin's Griffin, New York, pg. 19. ISBN 0-312-18067-5) An Australian horror film of the same name also exists, but it was released after the novel.

In Journal #17, Bobby mentioned the Nirvana song "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

The territory of Eelong also bears strong resemblance to the movie Planet of the Apes. It is unknown if it is a direct reference.

Critical Reception

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Black Water received very positive reviews and an average of five stars on Amazon[1]. Some of the comments made by the reviewers were that that the plot was humerous, engaging, original, and suspensful. Some readers though, thought there was too much suspense, that it was a constant burden throughout the story until the end when it was alleviated all at once. Another complaint given by some readers is that the plot was to similar to that of The Lost City of Faar. It is still in the top 50,000 books even three and a half years after publication. It received 4 and a half stars on SFF World[2].

Other Editions

Black Water was published in French as La Cité de l'Eau noire on October 20, 2005.[3]. It has also been published in "Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, Russian... and several others," according to MacHale.

English Editions

United Kingdom cover
United Kingdom cover
First Edition cover
First Edition cover
Second Edition cover
Second Edition cover

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